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Hope 4 Our Children is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington DC Metro area, United States, focusing on helping economically disadvantaged children with their 4 (four) basic needs, which are food, shelter, health, and education. We were founded in early 2005 after the Tsunami earthquake took more than 230,000 lives in Aceh, Indonesia; 50,000 of which were children. Our first projects consisted of serving disadvantaged children in Aceh, Indonesia, where the tsunami ruined thousands of schools and homes, took the lives of thousands including parents of children, and destroyed the livelihood of thousands in the area.  

Now, in 2020, we continue to serve economically disadvantaged children through various livelihood trainings, basic computer and technical knowledge courses, and responding to immediate needs to over 1,000 families affected by COVID-19.

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More than 92% of every dollar goes directly to programs that helps the poor.

Our Success Stories

In 2006, Hope 4 Our Children started a livelihood training program at Subulussalam Orphanage Boarding School in Aceh by providing cooking equipment for the children to make and sell cake along with other goods. Through our program, the live-in children were taught how to make cookies and cake as a source of income. One orphan was a girl named Subur. She mastered her cooking skill while simultaneously attending and completing high school. With a specific culinary skill of baking black forest cakes, Subur was able to finance her entire college education. It was the cooking skill that she learned at the Orphanage Boarding School that allowed her to fund her college degree. Her brother, Jujuri, followed Subur’s footsteps in making and selling cakes. He completed his bachelor degree at the end of 2011.

“. . . The livelihood skills training started with cake and cookie production along with a chicken farm that Hope 4 Our Children funded in 2006. These skills have proven to help generate extra income for orphans to complete their bachelor degree. The routine schedules of cooking responsibilities help them learn multitasking between their studies and their cooking obligation for the institution. It is a self management skill that helps them thrive. . . . There were at least 10 orphans who received their bachelor degree after Subussalam Orphanage Boarding School’s projects with Hope 4 Our Children’s help. . . . These livelihood workshops not only helped train the orphans, but also generated additional income for the Orphanage Boarding School in order to bring in more orphans in need of assistance.”

— Elly Risman, Director of Subulussalam Orphanage Boarding School, Aceh


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