Livelihood Training and Education

A few years ago, Hope 4 Our Children conducted a survey to hundreds of street kids in Jakarta on what skill they would most like to learn if they had the opportunity. Our findings completely surprised us.

An overwhelming majority desire to have access to learn about basic computer knowledge. These children live in poverty and never touched a computer in their lives, but they were very curious about this digital world they were never exposed to.

Hope 4 Our Children is very proud to build a tuition free Computer Learning Center since 2014 for these poor kids. At the beginning, we did not understand why they prefered to learn computer as opposed to a skill or trade that gives quick financial return. It was later we realized that learning computer gave them hope, excitement and confidence. Emotions most of them almost never experienced. They are 7, 8 and 12-year-olds who live in despair, too busy trying to survive working on the streets for 4 or 10 hours only to make an equivalent of US$2 a day. The Computer Center gave them a place to feel safe and excited and happy. The goals of the basic computer knowledge training are to:

  • To teach kids basic understanding of computer, internet and being safe online.
  • To teach kids to create powerpoint presentations, prepare excel files and write essays in Microsoft program.
  • To give kids in need the confidence and assurances to never give up hope, while learning an important skill at the same time.

The kids shared with us that they are so excited to attend the class each week.

In addition to basic computer knowledge, Hope 4 Our Children has provided various livelihood training for vulnerable youth and kids. We collaborate with a local nonprofit called Yayasan Ummu Amanah (YUA) in organizing Fish Farming Livelihood Training. YUA provides accelerated education to economically disadvantaged children who reside near Bantar Gebang garbage dump, Indonesia. The purpose of the fish farm was two folds:

* To provide livelihood skill training opportunities for street kids by involving them in the maintenance of the fish farm.
* To support the institution with a source of additional income as they continue to provide for more marginalized children in Bantar Gebang garbage dump area.

Annual Month of Giving

Make a difference in a child’s life today! Sponsor an economically disadvantaged child. With as low as $30 per month, you could provide an economically disadvantaged child with access to education. We encourage you to contribute to small scaled projects to make available children’s four basic needs: food, shelter, health and education. We hope to welcome a new generation of nourished, sheltered, healthy and educated children to the world.


As long as poverty exists, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life. Donate today and start making a difference.