In 2014, Hope 4 Our Children gave support to Jakarta flood victims who needed to be evacuated from their residence. We provided them with blankets, milk, biscuits, diapers and sanitary napkins to evacuated victims of Jakarta flood who lost their belongings.

In 2018, Hope 4 Our Children distributed basic needs packages that includes rice, box of noodles, blanket, box of sardines, milk, soap, detergent, sanitary napkins to Donggala tsunami survivors. We also provide formula for toddlers as well as toys to give the children some ease in these trying times.

Hope 4 Our Children, with the help of local people along with our generous donors consider the potential of water borne diseases (such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid) and attempt to prevent them by installing temporary public bathing and toilet facilities as well as clean water pump in the camp area.

We realize that during this hard time, waste management, water provision and general sanitation are essential for the camp especially for people with weaker immunity, for instance, children and elderly. We built the water pump andpublic bathing and toilet facilities in the camp area. Both the kids and the adult survivors were equally happy with the easy access to clean water supply.

Many of these earthquake and tsunami victims’ conditions were still too devastating and difficult, to be able to return to their daily routines. After the tsunami took away their homes and belongings, all the children wanted were for things to feel a bit normal such as going back to school. However, many tools and equipment were still not available for these kids including items such as shoes and school bags. Therefore, we supplied them with school uniforms, book bags and shoes. We hope that by wearing their uniforms and returning to school help ease the process of healing from such traumatic experience. 




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