Providing Emergency Economic Relief Fund

The current pandemic disrupted lives of people in need in ways we cannot imagine. They receive zero government assistance. Many experience several days where they have nothing to eat.

Living in first world nations, it is difficult to comprehend how people can survive with so little money. If you think about it, donating $1 is like saving people who makes less than $2 per day for one day worth of hard labor, working for about 10 hours in a day. Any small amount of donation means so much to people suffering on the other side of the globe; your dollar will go a long way.

Hope 4 Our Children provide these vulnerable populations with the following:

  • Provide cash that will last these people in need for a couple of weeks.

  • Proving basic food need: a sack of rice, a box of noodle, cooking oil and tea

There are millions of people like them. If you think of donating, now it’s a perfect time to do so as we are approaching the blessed month of Ramadan. Hope 4 Our Children continue to distribute basic food needs throughout this month. We are also planning to also distribute Iftar Dinners during Ramadan to kids in need in various locations in Jakarta Metro area.


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