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Abstract: Hope 4 Our Children has just launched new classes in February 2018 at the Computer Learning Center Program to accommodate more under privileged kids.
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Abstract: Since February 2014 through today, Hope 4 Our Children has successfully implemented the fish farming project benefiting street kids who live near Bantar Gebang Garbage Dump, Bekasi, Indonesia
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Abstract: A local Indonesian online newsletter featured Hope 4 Our Children's collaboration with Yabim to help street children. Also, check out a live interview of Hope 4 Our Children's President, Ina Nasution on Voice of America.
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Abstract: The Character Building and Sexual Education Awareness Workshop for street children was a success. The workshop trained 1,040 street children and 40 teachers-volunteers who provide for street children in Depok.
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Abstract: Due to flood tragedy in Indonesia in 2014, Hope 4 Our Children provided support by donating blankets, rice, canned sardines, milk, biscuits, diapers, sanitary napkins and soaps to evacuated victims in Bekasi area.
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Abstract: We recently received a great news from Bambang Chairudin, the Head of Dayah Subulussalam Orphanage School.
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Abstract: Tofiq, an 8 year old live-in orphan, and Kyai Masrur, the Head of Al-Qodir Orphanage, recently expressed their appreciation of the program.
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Abstract: We received wonderful news from the street children project. Before the AC service livelihood training, these teenagers received $1 - $2 per day as beggars, daily laborers or street singers. As AC repairman, they receive $12 per AC service (conducted by a team of two).
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Abstract: Congratulations on the success of IKPA's the "Color of Indonesia" show!
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Abstract: We are happy to announce that we raised $6,604 from the Hope 4 Our Children Charity Calendar 2012. We would like to thank all who have donated and volunteered their time in selling the calendars. The proceed from sales of the calendars will contribute towards Hope 4 Our Children's effort to provide vocational education and sex education awareness training for 2,000 street children in Jakarta, Indonesia.