Sponsor Our Program

Make a difference in a child's life today! Sponsor an economically disadvantaged child. With as low as $30 per month, you could provide an economically disadvantaged child with access to education. We encourage you to contribute to small scaled projects to make available children's four basic needs: food, shelter, health and education. We hope to welcome a new generation of nourished, sheltered, healthy and educated children to the world.

If you are interested to donate, you can donate by:


1. Check. Make your check payable to:
 and mail it to:
 Hope 4 Our Children
 12411 Braxfield Ct.#6
 Rockville, MD 20852


2. Paypal. You can also make payment via paypal

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!



3. By Credit Card or Bank Account. We can also set up recurring donation for you to provide for economically disadvantaged children. You decide how much to give – every month, every six month or every year. After your first donation, future gifts will be automatically deducted, according to the giving cycle you choose. You may set up your recurring donations from a credit card or bank account by calling Hope 4 Our Children at  + 240 - 481 - 1899.