Good News from AC Service Training -- Free Clinic


Photo: Free Clinic


AC Training Service

We recently received wonderful news from the AC Service Livelihood Training Program for street children in Jakarta. Before the training, these teenagers received $1 - $2 per day as beggars, daily laborers, or street singers. As AC repairman, they receive $12 per AC service (conducted by a team of two AC service repairman).

In addition, the program has generated additional revenue for the institution. After paying the street children, they generate extra income of approximately Rp 2 million per month or more, or equivalent to $300 per month or more from the AC service.

Five street children who received AC service training recently shared their thoughts with us:

Fery : “…I used to collect plastic bottles when I was little. My livelihood now is to wash bus at night. I never gave up hope to find a better livelihood. Thank God I’m now trained with AC service knowledge managed by Yabim and Hope 4 Our Children…

Jangkung ( Riki ) : “… I want to show my parents that I can make it on my own. Now I can help my parents with additional income from AC service knowledge that was provided by Hope 4 Our Children… “

Sukma : ..” Although my dad is disabled, he is very resilient. He inspires and motivates me. I didn’t give up when I cannot continue my high school education… I can now have a useful skill because of YABIM and Hope 4 Our Children…” 

Surya Abadi : ".... Both my dad and my mother passed away three years ago. It seems so unreal that I can survive up to today.... I learn very useful skill at Yabim... Now I learn how to become an AC repairman .... Thank you for your help..."

Bonteng ( Joko Hadyatmo ) : ”...I dream that I can can quit my day to day job as a street singer, and gain a useful knowledge to build my own business after I graduate from High School.... Now I have that skill....Thank you, Hope 4 our children”



Hope 4 Our Children collaborate with Yabim Master School, Jakarta, to provide street children with AC service livelihood skills training.


After starting the AC service, they have started to do different services: cellphone service, recorder service, radio and TV service. As a result, some of these small business efforts have generated extra income for the institution.

We received good news that the extra revenue from AC service among Yabim's other small business ventures was allocated to open a small clinic to provide basic health needs of street children.


The clinic program has been in operation since July 2012. The clinic only has one doctor and opens 3 hours during weekdays.The free clinic has resources comparable to Puskemas, a local clinic managed by the government. While Puskesmas put a small fee to those who come to the clinic, this Yabim clinic is free. Faqih Azharain, Hope 4 Our Children Project Coordinator, reported that since it was opened earlier this month, the clinic has served 20 – 40 patients daily.


Although Hope 4 Our Children is not directly involved in establishing the free clinic, our programs at Yabim helped make this free clinic possible.