Update from Dayah Subulussalam Programs in Aceh


Hope 4 Our Children recently received a great news from Bambang Chairudin, the Head of Dayah Subulussalam Orphanage Boarding School in Aceh.

After the tsunami, Hope 4 Our Children built a water system, a public bathroom, refurbished the existing dorms & provided bunk beds and mattresses. In addition, Hope 4 Our Children also provided fund for chicken farming and cookies & cake production.


We are happy to hear from Pak Bambang that Hope 4 Our Children's programs are sustainable:

Hope 4 Our Children 's funding and programs are very helpful for the institution and Dayah children.


•Some of the live-in girls who had responsibility of baking and selling cookies and cakes now have moved on. A number of them have graduated from universities with bachelor degrees and associate degrees. They funded their education by making and selling cookies and cakes.


The Dayah routinely encourage Dayah Subulussalam alumni to come by at least once a year, and speak to the live-in children, to give them motivation and encouragement. Some of these alumni have graduated from university and have secured jobs in various sectors. The outcome of this training program has been very positive as the live-in children look up to their seniors.


The cookies and cakes production program is still running. It’s been a steady source of income generating activity for the institution. It still involves the live-in children as part of their day to day responsibilities.


The chicken farm program is still running. In addition to chicken farming, Dayah Subulussalam also has fish farm and goat farm. The profits from Dayah Subulussalam’s income generating activities were allocated to start the fish (4 ponds) and goat farm (8 goats). The 10 male teachers are in charge of the farm management. As part of the farm maintenance, they involve the Dayah youth so they have hands-on experience in managing the farm. The profit of the farm is now distributed amongst the teachers as extra income for them. This is one of the ways to retain qualified teachers.


•Dayah Subulussalam has been able to secure assistance from Department of Animal Husbandry local office to provide trainings of up to 3 times per month in the area of farming and farming management.


They are grateful with the water system and public bathroom. They are still working well. They no longer have to use the river to bath and to clean.