Basic Computer Knowledge, Street Children, Jakarta

Simple, everyday technology, such as desk top computers, that is readily available for children of privileged and children in developed world may not be as accessible and available for children in developing world, let alone abandoned street children. How can they afford learning and even having computers if they are struggling to eat even once a day. It is the unthinkable for some to even have some basic understanding of computers. Those children grow up not know the first thing about computers. They are not aware the simple knowledge of holding a computer mouse, and and has no clue of how straight forward it is get a basic information from the internet. Most if not all have not even operated one in their lives.

Despite the dire living condition they have to bare and even to make ends meet to feed himself or herself with one decent meal a day, some of street children who hang around the street of Depok area in Jakarta, have been routinely visiting an accelerated school for street children under the Master School managed by Yabim. Yabim is a local grass root organization that focuses on help educate approximately 2,000 street children with accelerated education.

Each day, after doing their daily routine of being a street vendor with a target of getting a very modest income of Rp10,000 each day or equivalent to $1.2 per day, those who attend the Yabim Master School are eager to focus and empower themselves with more knowledge. They manage to sit down, listen to the teachers and to study for their accelerated, accredited degrees. A large number of street children are preparing their elementary accredited degree, a percentage are working on their middle school equivalent degree and older youth are struggling hard to complete their high school equivalent degrees. It is hard to believe that despite of the lack of the most basic needs, although a very small percentage, some of these street children are striving. A few got accepted to state universities. Three students got accepted to scholarship to study abroad. (Article link)

Computer Program

Hope 4 Our Children acknowledges the importance of basic computer knowledge in helping hard working, street children who are very motivated to learn and to search for a better life. Thru collaboration with Yabim, a local grass root organization, Hope 4 Our Children is implementing a computer learning center program to help street children in Depok area, Jakarta with access to information and technology. Hope 4 Our Children provides four sets of new, savvy desk top computers and one network printer to educate street children in Depok area, Jakarta.

The main purpose of this program is to give familiarity of computers and basic computer knowledge to street children. With the collaborated program with IT university students who volunteer their time in training these street children, Hope 4 Our Children's goal is to educate street children with basic computer know-how. In a long run, Yabim aims of preparing itself to operate a small printing business as a source of income generating activity for the institution. The IT university students who volunteer their time in educating fundamentals of computer operation to the youth can also teach these youth on basic multi-media programs that are essential to run a small printing business.


Pictured here is Wildan, one of the street children who is pursuing his High School equivalent degree at Yabim. Wildan is very happy and eager to learn how to operate a computer using the new computer provided by Hope 4 Our Children.