Temporary Housing Project, Jogjakarta

The May 2006 Jogjakarta earthquake occurred at 05:54 local time with a magnitude of 6.2. The quake caused 5,782 deaths, while 36,299 people were injured, 135,000 houses damaged, and an estimated 1.5 million left homeless. Hope 4 Our Children see the urgency of immediate intervention to help the victims of the earthquake by building temporary houses for the earthquake victims. With the help and collaboration of a local partner, Dompet Dhuafa, Hope 4 Our Children identified the location of the earthquake victims who needed the most help: the earthquake victims in Kadirojo village, Bantul.

The funds were allocated to build temporary houses for those victims. The cost of construction per temporary house is about Rp 1.2 million or about $145. The size is about 4 meters X 5 meters, located in front of their destroyed houses. The temporary houses were built by local carpenters, employing earthquake survivors who have relevant skills.

All of the victims were widows who were struggling to make ends meet. There were 15 families (or 40 people in total) that were helped by this project. They were very pleased to learn that they now have temporary- houses until they have sufficient savings to build their permanent house.

You can see in the picture above: The "Kepala Kampung"/The Head of village (with the yellow hat), the woman with the yellow traditional dress stood proudly in front of her house and a representative from Hope 4 Our Children's local partner staff, Dompet Dhuafa (with black and green shirt, and black and white T-shirt).


Letter from from the victims

"...Thank you so much for your help in building a temporary house for us. We are very happy and very grateful. Now we have a place to stay".

- Dakir, Jogjakarta earthquake victim


"... Thanks so much for providing the temporary house for our family. We no longer need to stay at a tent.. "

- Jimin, Jogjakarta earthquake victim


"... We are touched by the generosity of Hope 4 Our Children. Now my children and I have a place to stay and we can go on with our lives. May you receive alot of blessings for your kindness..."

- Ponirah,  Jogjakarta earthquake victim