Hope 4 Our Children

HOPE 4 OUR CHILDREN is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization based in Washington DC, United States, focusing on helping economically disadvantaged children with their 4 basic needs: food, shelter, health, and education. We are proud to launch our first informational video that features awareness of Jakarta's street kids and highlights our programs which benefit street kids in Indonesia.

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Our latest news

In November 2014, Hope 4 Our Children launched the next phase of the project benefiting street children near Bantar Gebang Garbage Dump, Jakarta.
Hope 4 Our Children launched a Computer Learning Center Program for Under Privileged Children in Bekasi, Indonesia in October 2014.The students who participate are very excited and super enthusiastic.
Thank you to those who donated to sponsor Iftar Dinners for children in need. The fund was allocated to sponsor Iftar Dinners for hundreds of children in need & orphans in Jakarta.
Due to flood tragedy in Jakarta in the beginning of 2014, Hope 4 Our Children provided support by donating blankets, rice, canned sardines, milk, biscuits, diapers, sanitary napkins and soaps to evacuated victims in Bekasi area, Jakarta.
The Character Building and Sexual Education Awareness Workshop for street children was a success. The workshop trained 1,040 street children and 40 teachers-volunteers who provide for street children in Depok, Indonesia.
A local Indonesian online newsletter featured Hope 4 Our Children's collaboration with Yabim to help street children. Also, check out a live interview of Hope 4 Our Children's President, Ina Nasution on Voice of America.

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Make a difference in a child's life today! Sponsor an economically disadvantaged child. With as low as $30 per month, you could provide an economically disadvantaged child with access to education. We encourage you to contribute to small scaled projects to make available children's four basic needs: food, shelter, health and education. We hope to welcome a new generation of nourished, sheltered, healthy and educated children to the world.

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