Chicken Farm, West Sumatera

The September 2009 Sumatra earthquake occurred just off the southern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The major shock hit on September 30, 2009 and had a moment magnitude of 7.6. Government reports have to date confirmed 1,115 dead, 1,214 severely injured and 1,688 slightly injured. In addition, around 135,000 houses were severely damaged,. An estimated 250,000 families (1,250,000 people) have been affected by the earthquake through the total or partial loss of their homes and livelihoods.

Chicken Farm

In 2010, Hope 4 Our Children implemented a chicken farming project in Panti Asuhan Al Munawwarah Orphanage in Pariaman, West Sumatera. The orphanage was in a very dire condition and suffered severe damage as a result of the earthquake. It  did not receive any funding from government or any other private institutions. The purpose of this project is to obtain additional income generated from the chicken farm that will enable the orphanage to help more orphans and improve it living condition. The farm can also supply the orphanage children with egg as a source of valuable nutrition. This project also intended to provide on the job training for the orphans by involving them in the maintenance of the farm. 

Hope 4 Our Children Project Coordinator

Hope 4 Our Children hired a consultant to oversee the implementation of the project and to provide expertise to the project. The consultant, Riza Andesca, is a graduate student majoring in Animal Husbandry at Andalas University. He serves as Hope 4 Our Children's Project Coordinator and provides his expertise in building and maintenance of the duck farm. He visits the orphanage once to twice a week to monitor the project implementation phase and to ensure that the project is implemented within the target.