Duck Farm, Aceh

Hope 4 Our Children works to create a lasting, sustainable program for economically disadvantaged children. Hope 4 Our Children came in to Dayah Babulilmi in early 2005 with funding to build a dorm for 100 live-in girls mostly being tsunami orphans, and the duck farm project.

Hope 4 Our Children collaborated with Al-Fatih Academy and raised fund to build a duck farming project in Dayah Babulilmi. The purpose of the "Dollar for Duck" project is three folds. First, the farm supplies egg as a source of nutrition for the children. Second, additional income generated from the farm helps the Dayah becomes a self-sustained institution. Third and final purpose is increased children's livelihood skill as they now have "hands on experience" in maintenance of the duck farm.

The live-in children were motivated and obligated to be involved in the maintenance of the duck farm. In the first year, the duck farm produced on average 100 eggs daily. Throughout the years after the tsunami, those live in orphans continue to  eagerly participate in the livelihood skilll of mainitaining the duck farm. They activily involved in establishing the institution’s home economics programs and income generating activities. 

Dayah Babulilmi Orphanage Boarding School Duck Program is one of Hope 4 Our Children's success stories. The duck project has been maintained up to now. Hope 4 Our Children learned that this orphanage Boarding School received recognition in June 2011 as a model orphanage boarding school in provincial level of Aceh. They were given an award because of its live in students’ partaking in home economics programs (Pendidikan Kesejahteraan Keluarga). One of the activity of the home economic programs was the duck farm.