Cookies Production, Aceh

After the tsunami, Hope 4 Our Children help Dayah Subulussalam Orphanage Boarding School (DS) by refurbishing the four dorms, building water system, and providing the mattresses for the live-in children. Additionally, to support DS to be self sufficient, Hope 4 Our Children bought an oven and various cooking machines so DS can generate extra income through selling home-made cookies. Hope 4 Our Children also subsidized the mixed farming project that has produced eggs for DS's residence. The additional benefit of the home industry and mixed farming is that the project allows students to learn vocational skills that they could use after they graduate.


Cookies Production

Hope 4 Our Children started livelihood training of baking at Subulussalam Orphanage Boarding School in Aceh by funding various cooking equipment to make cookies and cakes. Hope 4 Our Children provide equipment for home industry use (huge mixer, plastic wrapper and coconut milk presser). After school hours, the live-in students, are encouraged to learn how to cook, make cookies, and various traditional cakes. They were given responsibility to make cookies and cake to sell as a source of income for the institution.

The institution received donation worth 1/5 cost of constructing a 5 meters by 5 meters building for home industry use. They requested loan from the bank for the remaining 4/5 costs. Home industry cookies and cakes production program produces different kind of snack. For the past couple of years, these products have been supplying the local market and "warong" (small restaurant) all over Subulussalam. With about Rp 15,000 worth of raw material for a cake equivalent to about $2, they can sell the cake for Rp 60,000 or about $8 at a local market. This extra income helps support the Dayah.

In addition to the extra income, this skill can help equip the students with the necessary skill, as source of their livelihood in the future.


Letter from one of the girls who participated in the Cookies Production

"...I felt significant improvement and convenience in our lives at the Dayah after the help. We no longer bath at the river. If we want to have ablution for our night prayer (Tahajjud) we didn't have to go the river anymore and be afraid as we walked in the dark. We can take ablution at our dorms since each dorm now have bathrooms. The funds also helped build a small garage that we use for home industry to make cookies. Each student will have a turn to make cookies that we sell to markets and restaurants around our village. We also learned how to make handicrafts, such as bookmarks. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn how to make cookies and various handicrafts..." -Kinanti

Kinanti was a student at Dayah Subulussalam


The students are very grateful for all the aids given to them. They are in high spirit and excited for the new responsibility in managing the home industry production project and mixed farming.