Free Clinic, Sigli, Aceh

Hope 4 Our Children help one free clinic at Sigli area to help economically disadvantaged families and tsunami victims who live in the surrounding area. The program was initiated in February 2006 by Faizah Badeges, Hope 4 Our Children's Co-Founder and Board of Trustee, when she and two volunteers (Debra Dirks and Stephanie Parlove) visited Aceh. They identified a free clinic that lacked equipment and supplies. The clinic lacked medical equipment and essential medication, such as penicillin, painkillers. Hope 4 Our Children provided funds to buy equipment and supplies for Sigli free clinic managed by a local partner, Yayasan Ilham, one volunteer doctor and two nurses. The clinic now has various medical equipment such as thermometer, blood pressure monitor, exam bed; and medication: which includes penicillin, flu/cold/cough medicine, fever medicine, anti biotic, diarrhea/gastrointestinal, medicines. The fund was also allocated for a doctor's stipend and two nurses' stipend.

During her trip to Sigli in June 2006, Ina Nasution also visited the free clinic. With the medical supplies funded by Hope 4 Our Children, the doctor and the two nurses were able to provide basic medical supplies to 40-60 families in need daily. They have been providing excellent medical services to tsunami survivors living in the nearby tsunami camps.