Hope 4 Our Children


HOPE 4 OUR CHILDREN is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington DC Metro area, United States, focusing on helping economically disadvantaged children with their 4 (four) basic needs: food, shelter, health, and education.

We are proud to launch Hope 4 Our Children's first informational video tool that features awareness of Jakarta's street kids highlighting our programs which benefit street children in Depok, Indonesia. With Yabim, a local provider, Hope 4 Our Children implements AC service livelihood skill trainings, cookies and cakes production livelihood skill trainings, character building and sexual awareness workshops, and provides desktop computers for a computer learning center. 


Five street children who received AC service training recently shared their thoughts with us:


Fery : “…I used to collect plastic bottles when I was little. My livelihood now is to wash bus at night. I never gave up hope to find a better livelihood. Thank God I’m now trained with AC service knowledge managed by Yabim and Hope 4 Our Children…“


Jangkung ( Riki ) : “… I want to show my parents that I can make it on my own. Now I can help my parents with additional income from AC service knowledge that was provided by Hope 4 Our Children… “


Sukma : ..” Although my dad is disabled, he is very resilient. He inspires and motivates me. I didn’t give up when I cannot continue my high school education… I can now have a useful skill because of YABIM and Hope 4 Our Children…” 


Surya Abadi : ".... Both my dad and my mother passed away three years ago. It seems so unreal that I can survive up to today.... I learn very useful skill at Yabim... Now I learn how to become an AC repairman .... Thank you for your help...

Bonteng ( Joko Hadyatmo ) : ”...I dream that I can can quit my day to day job as a street singer, and gain a useful knowledge to build my own business after I graduate from High School.... Now I have that skill....Thank you, Hope 4 our children


Support our programs today, give our children a chance.