Computer Learning Center for Children in Need
Hope 4 Our Children is happy to announce that we have just launched new classes at the Computer Learning Center on February 4, 2018 with two additonal teachers to accomodate 50 additional under privileged kids.
The Computer Learning Center Program for under preliviged kids and street children in Bekasi area has been in operation since 2014. This program is free for under privileged kids and street children. The classes teach them basic understanding of computer, how to use mouse, internet and being safe online.
We discovered after interviewing hundreds of street kids, their ultimate dream is to have access to learn about computer.  Simple, everyday technology, such as desk top computers, that is readily available for children of privileged and children in developed world may not be as accessible and available for children in developing world, let alone under privileged kids and abandoned street children. How can they afford learning and even having computers if they are struggling to eat even once a day. It is the unthinkable for some to even have some basic understanding of computers. Those children grow up not know the first thing about computers. They are not aware the simple knowledge of holding a computer mouse, and and has no clue of how straight forward it is get a basic information from the internet. Most if not all have not even operated one in their lives.

Each day, after doing their daily routine of being a street vendor with a target of getting a very modest income of Rp10,000 each day or equivalent to $1.2 per day, most of these kids go to a local free schools.   Despite the dire living condition they have to bare and even to make ends meet to feed himself or herself with one decent meal each day,  we can see on our first class on October 12, 2014 that these  under privileged kids are eager to learn. They are very excited and super enthusiastic. Most of the students who join our basic computer training never had access to computers until this free training. We couldn't be more pleased! The classes are open for kids ages 8-19 every Sunday, free of charge!

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