Chicken Program, Aceh

Hope 4 Our Children helped Dayah Subulussalam Orphanage Boarding School (DS) by refurbishing the four dorms, installing new water system and toilets and bought mattresses for the live-in children. In order to help the institution to become a self-sustained institution, Hope 4 Our Children fund a chicken farm project in 2006. The maintenance of the farm is done by the live-in children and youth.


Chicken Farming

Mixed farming is one of the efforts supported by Hope 4 Our Children to help Dayah Subulussalam self sufficient. Henri, one of the orphan youth who lived in DS, had an added responsibility to maintain the chicken farm. He was extremely pleased with this new role as he was generating extra income for the institution. At the same time, he also was learning the sets of skills he will need once he graduates from high school.

Dayah Subulussalam started the farm with 78 chickens for egg production. The chicken produces about 70 eggs daily. The amount is sufficient to provide nutritious food for the students. When the supply is sufficient for the boarding school, DS sells the eggs to the local market. The local market welcomes this, as the price is Rp 50 cheaper than the market price of Rp 500.

The students are very grateful for all the aids given to them. They are in high spirit and excited for the new responsibility in managing the home industry production project and mixed farming.