AC Service Training, Street Children, Jakarta

Hope 4 Our Children collaborates with Yayasan YaBim, a local partner in Depok, Jakarta, to provide programs that will improve the living condition of street children in Jakarta. Hope 4 Our Children work with YaBim that has started its training program and income generating activity for high school age street children.

About Yabim

Hope 4 Our Children's local partner, Yabim, started the "Visiting House" with programs that provides basic needs for street children as well as provides them with education free of charge. It manages a free accelerated school program for 2,000 street children around the area. Many of these children are abandoned children who lost contact with their family. A total of 200 street children are live-in children. The remaining 1,800 school age children still live with at least one parent. They attend the school during the day and become street singer, beggars, and scavengers afterwards to make ends meet. Their parents' livelihoods range from beggars to daily laborer with an average daily income of $1 to $2. It is very challenging for them to provide food for their children, let alone provide for their children's education.

YaBim receives 60% of its funding from Ministry of Social Affairs. The remaining amount is obtained from other sources. Currently, the school employs 60 full time teachers and teacher assistants. In addition, three local universities collaborate their academic programs that promote undergraduate and graduate students' volunteerism as teachers, social workers and physiologist to support YaBim school's programs and activities.


AC Service Training

Hope 4 Our Children help the Yayasan Yabim provide its youth/high school age street children with livelihood skills and increase the institution's sustainability by funding AC service as the income generating activities. The project provides training of AC repair service for high school age street children so they can provide the services to local offices, neighborhood homes and hospitals. This way, we can empower those youth to make a living from more respectable and profitable jobs and help them support their family members. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to help those street children by providing our support to both the children and family so that children can stay in school and focus on their education without having to bear the burden of being the breadwinner for the family.

The AC services offer a good bargain price of Rp 100,000 (equivalent to $12) for each service to be conducted by two youth/High School age street children. The demand is high that YaBim has started to train 40 high school aged street children with livelihood skills as AC repairman and pest control. However, they are very limited in their productivity since they only have two sets of AC repair tool and 1 set of pest control equipment. Each set of equipment can go to an average of 5 houses daily. The equipment costs approximately $600. The target is to train all 800 high school age street children who are currently provided by the institution.


Program Updates and Success Stories 


We recently received wonderful news from the AC Service Livelihood Training Program for street children in Jakarta. Before the training, these teenagers received $1 - $2 per day as beggars, daily laborers, or street singers. As AC repairman, they receive $12 per AC service (conducted by a team of two AC service repairman).

In addition, the program has generated additional revenue for the institution. After paying the street children, they generate extra income of approximately Rp 2 million per month or more, or equivalent to $300 per month or more from the AC service.


Letters from the Street Children who received AC Service Training

Jangkung ( Riki ) : “… I want to show my parents that I can make it on my own. Now I can help my parents with additional income from AC service knowledge that was provided by Hope 4 Our Children…


Sukma : ..” Although my dad is disabled, he is very resilient. He inspires and motivates me. I didn’t give up when I cannot continue my high school education… I can now have a useful skill because of YABIM and Hope 4 Our Children…”


Fery : “…My livelihood now is to wash bus at night. I never gave up hope to find a better livelihood. Thank God I’m now trained with AC service knowledge managed by Yabim and Hope 4 Our Children…“


Surya Abadi : ".... Both my dad and my mother passed away three years ago. It seems so unreal that I can survive up to today.... I learn very useful skill at Yabim... Now I learn how to become an AC repairman .... Thank you for your help..."


Bonteng ( Joko Hadyatmo ) : ”...I dream that I can can quit my day to day job as a street singer, and gain a useful knowledge to build my own business after I graduate from High School.... Now I have that skill....Thank you, Hope 4 our children”



Hope 4 Our Children's Project Coordinator

Faqih Azharain, Hope 4 Our Children's Project Coordinator oversees the implementation of the project and provides expertise to the project. He serves as project monitor and ensures compliance with contract requirement and financial reporting. He advises and offer suggestions to improve the scheduling of AC service to ensure efficiency of the process. He visits Yabim once to twice a week to monitor the project implementation phase and to ensure that the project is implemented as planned.