Donated Items for Jakarta Flood Victims

The Bekasi flood of 2014 has urged Hope 4 Our Children to provide food and basic needs for hundreds of victims, including children. Due to heavy rain, the Bekasi River overflowed causing an immense deprivation of necessities in the populous suburb area. The people of Bekasi are in desperate need of aid to tend to their lack of resources, especially the children of this community. They are the most vulnerable and require full attention toward their health. We intend to continue to help fulfill vital essentials for the victims with the support of your contribution.


Hope 4 Our Children gave support by donating blankets, rice sacks, canned powdered milk, canned of sardines, biscuits, diapers and sanitary napkins, floor cleaning soaps, traditional medicines (Minyak Kayu Putih and Tolak Angin) to hundreds of evacuated victims who lost their belongings in Bekasi area, Indonesia. Street access have been cut off that the donated items have to be delivered by a boat.


During our visits, we focused our distribution to victims who have been stranded in their own homes and to displaced victims who have been residing in makeshift tents on higher ground for the past five weeks.


Here are videos of some of Hope 4 Our Children's visits to distribute food and basic needs to help Bekasi's flood victims:


Our contribution couldn’t have been possible without the help of donations and support. We would like to thank the people who have helped fund the flood relief and our local volunteers who distributed the materials.

You can support our cause by donating through the following link: