Duck Farm, Al-Qodir Orphanage, Jogjakarta

Mount Merapi, Gunung Merapi (literally Fire Mountain in Indonesian/Javanese), is an active stratovolcano located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548. It is located approximately 28 kilometres (17 miles) north of Yogyakarta city, and thousands of people live on the flanks of the volcano, with villages as high as 1,700 metres (5,600 ft) above sea level. In the aftermath of the more intensive eruptive activities in late November 2010, Yogyakarta’s Disaster Management Agency reported that there were about 500 reported cases of eruption survivors in Sleman district suffering from minor to severe psychological problems, and the death toll of 353, and 320,000 were displaced.

Duck Farm Project

In 2011, Hope 4 Our Children started to implement duck farming project in Panti Asuhan Al-Qodir, Jogjakarta, approximately 8 miles from the proximity of the 2010 Jogjakarta mountain eruption. The orphanage had accepted children victims of Jogjakarta mountain eruptions. As the orphanage becomes more crowded, the living condition becomes increasingly untenable and demands immediate interventions. The orphanage management is in dire need to receive additional income to feed its live in orphans.

Hope 4 Our Children funds a "Dollars for Duck" Project, a duck farm project, for a couple of reasons. First, the farm can supply the orphanage with egg as a source of valuable nutrition for the children. Secondly, as the area where the orphanage is located has potential for salted duck egg market, any additional income generated from the duck farm will enable the orphanage not only to support the current live-in children, but also to increase its capacity to provide for more orphans. The third and final expected result is increased children's livelihood skills. The project is also intended to provide on the job training opportunities for students to learn livelihood skills by involving them in the maintenance of the farm. Lastly, this project is a replicate of the successful Duck Projects that were implemented in Aceh and West Sumatera orphanages to support the children victims of natural disasters.

The current duck program aimed to nurture ducks from hatching the egg to raising the ducklings. The price of an egg compares to a 60-day-old duckling multiple by approximately four times. The project's goal is to sell some of the ducklings for the institution's income generating activity and to allocate some to be consumed by the live-in orphans.


Letter from Kyai Masrur, Head of Al-Qodir Orphanage

" I am very happy for the collaboration with Hope 4 Our Children on duck farming project. This project gives the orphans opportunity to learn on how to manage a duck farm….. The egg production is as target.... This project will prompt creativity .... We hope this project will spark duck farming business inquisitiveness amongst the live-in orphans… “ 

We also received a leter from Topik, an 8 year old live-in orphan, who was one of the victims of Merapi eruption. He recently shared his thought with us:
“….I am happy I can feed the ducks with my friends after school …… Thank you for providing the duck farm for us."



Project Progress
The institution has sold more than 2,000 ducks in just a couplf of months. During the last quarter, the institution has generated revenue of approximately Rp 39 million equivalent to $4,000 from the sales of the ducks.
The youth at the orphanage are excited and eager to find alternatives to increase the hatch rate. They have been visiting other duck farms that use the hatching methods, and identified a method and a new machine to use. They bought one machine for a trial. At their first try with the new machine, the hatch rate is at 90%. They are very happy with the outcome, and will continue to observe and learn from other farms.


Hope 4 Our Children's Project Coordinator

Hope 4 Our Children hires a consultant to oversee the implementation of the project and to provide expertise to the project. The consultant, Sigit Pamungkas, has a BS degree majoring in Animal Husbandry. He serves as Hope 4 Our Children's Project Coordinator and provides his expertise in building and maintenance of the duck farm. He visits the orphanage once to twice a week to monitor the project implementation phase and to ensure that the project is implemented within the target